Enhance Your Restaurant's Appeal and Safety.
Effortlessly showcase allergy and nutrition information on the Nutripair app, empowering diners to confidently make informed choices.
Benefits of Partnering with Nutripair
Diverse Engagement
Enhance Dietary Inclusivity
Broaden your restaurant's appeal to a diverse customer base given that over 65 million Americans have dietary preferences.
Menu Insight Mastery
Discover Preferences,
Elevate Experiences
Gain valuable insights into menu performance, distinguishing favorites from less popular items.
Your Marketing Partner
Strategies for Maintenance, Growth, and Expansion
Monthly analytics and personalized recommendations to attract and retain customers.
Shining light on local restaurants
Our aim is to support up and coming restaurants during the challenges of opening or expanding new locations.

We understand the difficulties faced by restaurateurs and aim to be a helpful resource for individuals with various dietary preferences.
Become a Nutripair Restaurant
Join us in exploring a world of culinary possibilities, as we guide customers to discover restaurants they may have never considered before.
What Partners Can Expect
Gain access to valuable customer data and dining behavior, presented in a detailed monthly report.
Seamlessly integrating our expertise into your team to tailor strategies for maintenance, growth, or expansion across diverse avenues.
Acquire insights into the popularity of your menu items, distinguishing hits from misses.
Empower your customers to curate their dining experience by providing a crystal-clear understanding of your menu.