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A few questions from us

To expedite the listing of your restaurant on the Nutripair app, we'll be asking a few questions to calculate your restaurant’s Accessibility Score.

Questionnaire Start
Question 1

Does your restaurant have at least 2-3 menu items for each top eight allergen?

Top Eight Allergens
Question 2

Does your restaurant have separate prep spaces to avoid cross contamination of ingredients?

Cross Contamination
Question 3

Does your restaurant have separate fryers to avoid cross contamination of ingredients?

Separate Fryers
Question 4

Does your restaurant have alternative frying oils for those allergic to peanut oil?

Alternative Frying Oils
Question 5

Does your restaurant clearly identify the top eight allergens on the menu via symbols, labels, or separate menus?

Allergen Identification
Question 6

Are staff members knowledgeable when serving customers with dietary restrictions?

Staff Knowledge
Question 7

Do servers ask, "Do you have any dietary restrictions?" before taking guests' orders?

"Do you have any dietary restrictions?"
Question 8

Are your servers familiar with what ingredients can be substituted or omitted for each dish?

Ingredient Modifications
Question 9

Does your restaurant have in-depth nutritional information?
(i.e. calories, macro/micro nutrients)

Nutritional Breakdown
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