Tips for Dining with Allergies

by Sarah Baxter
February 13, 2023

Around 10.8% of all adults in the U.S. have a food allergy; that number is about 7.6% for children. It is common for families to have to navigate these allergens everyday, whether it be at a restaurant or local grocery store. In order to possess a happy and safe relationship with food, families most often must consider allergy-inclusive food establishments. Here at Nutripair, we want to make that job easier; here are some ways to discover allergy-inclusive restaurants.

1. Do your research

Going online prior to venturing outside can provide you with the dietary information you need to know about which places you’re considering. Some restaurants typically have access to their dishes information, or you can find it easily in one convenient place with Nutripair’s app. Here, you’ll have all the resources needed to make an informed decision regarding your nutrition needs for that day!

2. Look out for the signs

Restaurants typically indicate which menu items avoid popular allergens (gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, etc.) with a small symbol. They also might have signs on their doors or walls, signaling that they prioritize certain allergens over others (such as having a separate vegan menu, or a compiled list of their dairy-free options!). It is always best to look for the physical signs that directly tell their customers what allergies they look out for in their dishes.

3. Speak directly with an employee

The easiest way to check for allergen inclusivity is to ask a restaurant member if they cater to your exact allergen. Due to rising legislation in accordance with the FDA and ADA, more restaurants are now required to disclose which dishes or food items contain major allergens in them, done through the FASTER (Food Allergy Safety Treatment Education and Research) Act. From a national level, restaurants have been recently implementing better safeguards in order to inform consumers of their allergens; Nutripair’s mission also sets out to help restaurants with educating employees about their allergen-free dishes. The better educated our food staff is, the safer we can make our trips to our favorite restaurants!

4. Test out Nutripair!

As mentioned before, Nutripair was created to make your experience at restaurants as convenient, easy, and safe as possible. To experience this modernized way of dining with dietary preferences, sign up for our platform!

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