How Allergy Inclusive is Marnee Thai?

by Sarah Baxter, with Thao Dinh
January 27, 2023

For this week’s restaurant, we decided to spotlight the restaurant Marnee Thai, located in San Francisco, California. The popular Thai eatery opened in 1986 by Bangkok-based Chef Chai Siriyarn, who wanted to give patrons “a taste of Thai cuisine and culture so transporting that they could enjoy the country’s wonders without ever having to leave the neighborhood.” He was able to do just that—due to his passion and dedication for his cooking, his restaurant become a beloved Bay Area pick for Thai food! The restaurant, known for its Meatball Noodles and Roasted Duck, has been in San Francisco’s Michelin Guide (2011-2014) and won the Thai Select Award from the Thai government, recognized as one of the best Thai restaurants overseas.

How many allergies does Marnee Thai accommodate for? Well, when it comes to substitutions, they do a pretty good job! They prioritize four of the top eight allergens when it comes to menu-friendly dishes—these include shellfish, dairy, fish, and gluten. When it comes to peanuts, eggs, soy, and tree nuts, menu options are much harder to find. For a majority of menu items, they can substitute ingredients to make them more allergy-friendly, including peanuts, shellfish (switching for protein options), gluten, and making a dish vegan. In regards to menu transparency with these accommodations, Marnee’s menu does not include a legend key for allergies, which makes the process a bit more difficult for patrons. Common food allergies are also not listed in the ingredients.

In regards to how well they do when it comes to eggs, Marnee Thai accomplishes a decent baseline. All their noodles are made with rice instead of egg, making noodle dishes easily accessible to those who are vegan are egg-free. Besides this, although, Marnee Thai does not flag other menu items that can be substituted for egg, and many other dishes have egg included within them. When it comes to this specific allergen, Marnee Thai falls a bit short.

Considering all the factors we’ve examined, we decided to give Marnee Thai a rating of 2.8/5 Pears. Despite some of their highlights in substitution possibilities, we thought that they could provide more information regarding the top eight allergens, incorporate a legend key for allergies, and have more accessible information for their menu items. The breakdown is as follows:

3.5/5 Pears for Top 8 Allergy Inclusivity

4/5 Pears for Allergy Substitution

2.5/5 Pears for Menu Transparency

3/5 Pears for Nutrition-Trained Staff

1/5 Pears for Nutrition Analysis Accessibility

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